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21 Ways to Eat Clean in LA This Year

Whether you made a new year's resolution to eat healthy or not, good-for-you foods come in handy every now and then. This time of year — or pretty much always in Los Angeles — buzzwords like bone broth, macrobiotic and kombucha abound, all touting the benefits of eating lots of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fermented foods. It's not just a trend in LA; it's a way of life. Here are 21 ways to eat clean for the new year and beyond.

Veggie burgers

Who said a burger can’t be healthy? Crossroads is the only local restaurant serving the Impossible burger, a plant–based patty that made big waves in New York when David Chang served it at Nishi Momofuku. The taste, texture and sizzle on the grill are all very beeflike, as is how it “bleeds” at the bite. The Veggie Grill's Beyond burger is similar, in that it aims to look, cook and taste like fresh ground beef, and it’s even topped with grilled onions, a special sauce and American “cheese.” And Burgerlords, Chinatown’s only burger stand, has a housemade veggie patty made with grains and nuts that, when smothered with lettuce, tomato and vegan Thousand Island dressing, is a great non-meat option.

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