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9 Must-Try Veggie Burgers in Chicago

As evidenced by crowds at places like Au Cheval, Kuma's Corner and Shake Shack, Chicago is clearly a burger-loving town. But in recent years, the city has branched out beyond beef when it comes to that burger obsession, as more and more restaurants implement meat-free options between the buns. Chicago's veggie burger scene is more robust than ever, as chefs exhibit creative alternatives using a wide range of vegetables, grains, sauces and garnishes. Here are 9 veggie burgers to try right now.

Veggie Grill
Although the Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger have become common menu fodder, Veggie Grill was the first spot in the country to serve the Beyond Burger, which looks and tastes impressively similar to beef. Still one of the restaurant's bestsellers, the burger features the patty topped with vegan American 'cheese', grilled onions, tomato, iceberg lettuce and a sesame seed bun. There's also a Southwester-inspired version, the Super Rica Burger, with "chorizo queso," fire-roasted poblanos, cherry peppers, charred onions, lettuce, tomato and housemade corn nuts on a pretzel bun.

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