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Veggie Grill is Expanding to the East Coast!

Plant-based options are the hottest trend in fast-casual dining. With chain restaurants like Red Robin and Chipotle offering vegan options, plant-based eaters everywhere don't have to choose between flavor or convenience. While it's trendy for restaurants to cater to a plant-based audience, the new wave of vegan only restaurants is just getting started. Veggie Grill is one such chain offering restaurant-quality food in a fun, laid-back atmosphere.

The West-Coast eatery made an announcement that should fire up plant-based eaters along the Eastern seaboard. Following a roll out in Chicago, Veggie Grill announced it will be expanding to Boston and New York, aiming to open eight to ten restaurants in 2019.

Their outposts are located mostly in the west in California, Oregon, Washington and Illinois, but in 2019 it's moving east, expanding to Boston and New York. It's aiming to open another eight to ten locations in 2019. The restaurant's three most popular dishes, the Beyond Burger, Santa Fe crispy chickin' and Mediterranean supergreens salad will be available to East Coast diners shortly.

But Veggie Grill won't stop there. In an interview wit Forbes Magazine, CEO Steve Heeley said the company hopes to open locations on university campuses to capitalize on the disproportionate amount of young, educated plant-based eaters.

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