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Veggie Grill Partners with Sodexo to Bring Vegan Food to Dining Halls

One of the nation's most successful all-vegan fast-food chains, Veggie Grill, has partnered with food service giant Sodexo to bring its delicious plant-based menu items to select colleges and universities around the U.S.

Sodexo anticipates adding Veggie Grill menu items during the 2019-2020 school year, citing the growing number of requests for more plant-based options. In a press statement, Veggie Grill CEO shares:

"We have strategically opened several of our restaurant locations nearby or on college campuses, including UCLA, UC Berkeley and University of Washington. College students are at the forefront of the plant-based movement and they are more mindful about what they eat. We look forward to partnering with Sodexo to serve our plant-based food to a wider audience of university students and faculty."

This news comes after an announcement last fall that Sodexo would add 200 new vegan meals to its roster in North America. Serving a wide variety of institutions, from corporate cafeterias and school dining halls to stadiums and military mess halls, Sodexo feeds countless people every day, meaning more people than ever will have access to healthy vegan meals.

And Sodexo isn't the only foodservice provider adding more plant-based menu items. Last August, Aramark announced plans to offer the all-vegan Beyond Burger at universities in an effort to increase the number of healthful "plant-forward" options.

Plant-based eating is gaining ground, especially with Generation Z. The generation's oldest members are preparing to graduate college, and they are increasingly interested in animal welfare and sustainability. As a result, vegan foods - particularly plant-based meat, dairy, and eggs - are skyrocketing in popularity.

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